Insert motivational slogan here.

What’s the thing that little green guy with the froggy says? Just get it started already? No, that’s not it. But it’ll work.

The point of having a blog is to use it, not to act like writing some words and publishing them on the internet is this thing you have to obsess over for at least thirteen days or possibly weeks before you finally do it. So I’m just β€” finally β€” doing it. Starting somewhere. Anywhere. Not with the slicing of onions, which almost led to a post two weeks ago, or with the frustrations of the already-overpraised Mockingjay, which need recording for my real job first.

No. I’m taking the lazy road. I’m just mentioning that this totally unexpected thing happened on Saturday, and I was there for it. So I wrote a blog post, and then a news story (caveat: I am not a reporter). But the story I most want to tell about it is the story of just how strange a day can be where you’re a slightly reticent reviewer trying to tug on the hat of an assertive reporter β€” and you wind up eating pizza with Nathan Fillion (and a lot of other people), but never actually meeting him.

That’s what I’m working on. You can find more of what I’ve done, semi-recently, in the about post.

(I don’t know why starting things always feels so daunting. It’s not like I’m lacking in things to have opinions about.)

Insert motivational slogan here.

5 thoughts on “Insert motivational slogan here.

  1. I am seeking something clever to say, but it has not yet arrived. But rest assured: I am looking forward to commenting cleverly and/or wittily on many posts on your namesake blog in the weeks and months to come.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ll let Toby do the clever and/or witty stuff. I may add some needlessly smutty remarks every so often, but I’ll try and show some sort of restraint.

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